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February 2, 2013
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Good night white pride by StalinFalcon Good night white pride by StalinFalcon
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Vile, anti-white filth. I don't approve. 
RobertQualls27 Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck any kind of racial, national or ethnic pride. 
AmericanDralion Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I have a few friends who will like this.
ablablablablabla Sep 7, 2013  Professional Artist
i like how violent this is..
What about goodnight black pride? what about goodnight brown pride? you guys are purely scum, nothing but a bunch of anti whites. You little bitches claim your against fascism but you ONLY target nazis what about communist they are true true fascist Hitler never controlled his people in such a fashion (not ever close) that stalin did who staved over 29 million of their own people. stalin wasn't even white he was an arab.
"Causas will be free"

Google legion ss "handschar" about nazis-arabian(fundametalists) friendship)  
Georgians are the first Europeans, by the way, before the Slavs to Christianity. Stalin - Georgian. I am opposed to any national / racial pride. All right-winged - filth and go to hell. Our number one enemy - capitalism and the state. However, to explain why this is an idiot.
Just because your not oppose people to have pride in what it is and where it comes from does not give you the right to incite hatred against others.

If you do not care your race and your nation is your problem, but do not mess with you if they feel respect for racial and national origin.

According to you have to be a ewe mass without identity such as Marxists and Communists?
I'm surprised no censorship in this picture to show a clear anti-white racism.

You should know that the slogan "White Pride" refers to being proud of being white (being of European descent), is not fascist or neo-Nazi. That there are a few idiots who hit another person for being of another race does not makes everyone equal.

If a black says he is proud of being black applaud, then why if a white says he's proud of being white they call "racist", "bigot", "supremacist" or "Nazi"? Do you have something against the white race?

This kind of silly images of "Good Night White Pride" only demonstrate the real racists are those who call themselves "anti-racists" (code word for anti-white).
It is very old and empty chatter. White pride - an established slogan. The Nazis, the Arabs did not shout black pride :) This is a very old and empty chatter. White pride - an established slogan. The Nazis, the Arabs did not shout "black pride" :)

I am against any racists, nationalists and nazis. I support only a Workers International - the community of nations, not their competition.
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